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Ways To Help

Ways To Help

Here's the carrd link for BLM resources, information on it, and how to help.

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Superhero au costume design idea for Wren Peakdasher and Thaizo Senello (Thaizo belongs to zomnas on tumblr)

Baby boy Rei is tired.

every time i become happy w my style i wanna switch it up

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Give support to the Indigenous people that had been protesting in the blockade in Hé Sápa (Black Hills, occupied Očhéthi Šakówiŋ territory) on July 3rd. Many were arrested. Please donate to bail funds if you can:

how do people just. draw long hair. with lineart.

Am I tempted to make a comic about a queer detective vigilante who says acab? yes

catch me cramming music theory like i have an exam due tomorrow solely out of spite of capitalism

this account is just becoming picrews, quizzes, and informational posts

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For anybody celebrating the start of Pride Month tomorrow

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Please, don't forget our roots.

Marsha P. Johnson was a black trans woman who fought for our freedom to live. We must stand with #blacklivesmatter and protesters just like they did with us. Even if you can't protest or donate, stay vocal, stay loud, and condem bigotry.

Nothing will change if we don't.

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this is what i've been saying

Ways To Help

Ways To Help

Here's the carrd link for BLM resources, information on it, and how to help.

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The violence and oppression black people face is absolutely unacceptable. It is vital to support current protests and work to combat anti-blackness in ourselves and our communities. Black lives matter should not be a controversal statement.

Compiled resources with petitions, lists of places to donate to, information, and more

Supporting from the UK

Anti-racist educational resources

If you want to donate, but don't have the money to do so consider streaming these videos to support via ad revenue:

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some tips for the donation videos!

  1. do NOT mute the video in the youtube player! it wont count
  2. make sure to watch 3-5 other videos after this one, otherwise it will count as spam. watching the same vids over and over also makes your views count as spam
  3. likes and comments help boost the video
  4. clicking ads helps with revenue

Help Zayd get HRT organized by Zayd Poe

Hello all!My name is Zayd. I'm transmasc/nonbinary, and a full-time college student, looking to start testo… Zayd Poe needs your support for Help Zayd get HRT

Help me start HRT! -gofundme

Just found out that an inclusive counseling place and a clinic that offers hrt are both accessable to me by bus! so I set up a gofundme to help me save enough to officially start transitioning ^^

(of course, a lot of my commissions go towards this too, so you can help out either way!)

Stop me from drawing my favorite animal crossing characters / villagers

Looking through picrew is like "That's racist, that's fetishizing, that's- does that say lobotomy?"

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imma make a uquiz called "what otherkin are you" featuring werewolf, vampire, ghost, zombie, angel and devil kin!

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update! i made that quiz! check it out here

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i got ghost kin smh,,

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Repour and answer in tags!

❤ cats or dogs

🖤 sun or moon

❤ red or blue

🖤 river or ocean

❤ rain or snow

🖤 steak or salad

❤ headphones or speakers

🖤 city or country

Picrew 315844

✨💕✨ Find it here ✨💕✨

  • 18 diverse and beautiful skin tones

  • 3 body types

  • 5 face structure

  • Diverse hairstyles

  • Hijab option

  • Piercings

  • Facial Hair

  • Lgbtq

  • Lil animals included :3

One of the most well rounded Picrews I've seen. A wide variety of physical traits!

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this was really cute and I Had To okay